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    Jeremy Robinson

    follow up items I have that I will update everyone on as I have them completed or better answers are:

    • DNS customization to have the page URL changed to rather than the default - COMPLETED
    • Renaming the term “Incidents” to something more friendly and less frightening (PQ’s request – on hold until we determine if we want to upgrade to the next tier in our package) - MOVING FORWARD WITH 'INCIDENTS' BUT STILL REVIEWING MODIFICATION
    • Ability to remove items from Past Incidents history but retain the system uptime stats internally) - TBD
    • Replacing the current “scheduled maintenance” page in the Convercent app to point to the new status page URL for proper clarity - IN-PROGRESS (currently have a link on the scheduled maintenance page to push people to the STATUS page)
    • Modifying the notification emails with the appropriate sender addresses (ideally - IN-PROGRESS (Discussion with Cleppe/Simmons/Copt/Robinson to determine best path forward and the why's behind this ask)
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