Microsoft Excel and TLS 1.0 Deprecation Notice




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    Chase, Jessie

    After updating to Excel 2016 and still having problems updating the oData, my IT department did the following on my computer (I have no idea what it means) and the oData updated successfully:







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    Lauren Katz

    This fix worked for me!

    Although I was already using the correct version of TLS, I did not have the above-mentioned strings added to my registry file. Other applications I use that require that updated version of TLS were functioning fine. It took a member of our IT team a few seconds to update my registry file with this code, and now everything is working fine. 

    If you are unable to access the O-data feeds, take note of the updated information in this article, it's really helpful.

    Many thanks to whoever figured this out :)

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    Jeremy Robinson

    Thank you Jessie and Lauren for your feedback. We are happy to hear that with the quick registry changes performed by your IT teams to complete the needed task, OData is pulling as expected without any further issues or delays.

    Feedback like this helps us ensure we are hitting the mark with our documentation and efforts to be informative to keep your businesses moving forward. 

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