Webinar: The ROI of an Effective Helpline and Dynamic Reporting

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    Jeremy Robinson

    Live Q&A Recap



    Q: Regarding what you just went over, is this a year over year change? What’s the underlying time period for covid metrics?

    A: So the metrics that I showed you are comparing March 2019 to March 2020 so it’s for the full month of both of those months, comparing those metrics.



    Q: For customizable emails, can we do that ourselves or do we need to contact you to do it for us? Is there an additional cost for the customization? Thank you!
    please send me the slides and recording. Thanks for a great discussion! 

    A: That is something that we will need to help you with. There is a pricing charge associated with customizing those email templates so it really depends on the level of effort. If you are interested in simply adding your global branding, like your logo and your Ethics Team’s signature/contact information, is a pretty easy update and has a minimal charge associated. If you are interested in getting more detailed and tweaking individual templates for each individual email notification that we have, there would be a more significant price associated based on the number of email notifications that you want to customize. If you are interested and want a specific quote, feel free to reach out to any Convercent representative.



    Q: We do not use disclosures or policies in the tool. Can we customize our view so we don’t see those gray boxes on the right side? Thank you!

    A: There is flexibility to configure the view on the right hand side as far as the quick links. You need to navigate to Manage my Organization and click on “Edit Details,” which is located in the top, righthand corner. You will see a section called Quick Links, feel free to check or uncheck what you would like to be visible. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you want some additional guidance.



    Q: Are there any reports that contain issues and questions together in the same report?

    A: That’s a good question! As of today there is not a canned report that includes those issues and questions. One of the main reasons we do not produce this type of report is related to the limited data that is collected related to questions. Questions are very much free text based submissions, by that I mean we’re not capturing the same level of information in relation to location or department and there’s not a categorization option to questions, all which make it a bit difficult for reporting. So as of right now, all of the reporting is primarily focused on the issues and as we continue to enhance the question functionality, reporting may become available.



    Q: Can Insights be used by teams with smaller case volumes?

    A: Absolutely. So certainly when you’re thinking about Insights and the value of it, the more data you have the more value you get out of it but we do have customers that have smaller case volumes that very much are taking advantage of Insights. In particular I mentioned the ability to be able to report on those custom fields as well as being able to overlay your HR data with the system metrics. So those are a couple of key points and reasons that people choose to go with the Insights application, even if the case volume isn’t high, the reporting that you can do with Insights will be much more rich.



    Q: How have you seen people using the COVID issue type?

    A: It’s definitely been split between our customer base. I think Elana gave a solid anecdotal story as far as one specific customer that when they went ahead and launched the coronavirus issue type, they were also in the process of launching a separate website or portal for people to come to specifically for coronavirus within their HR portal and they got more responses through the helpline than they did in that new setup. I think for those customers that have the issue types available and are employee facing, it’s awesome to put the Coronavirus issue type out there because then the employee knows they are in the right place and that this is where they should provide that information.


    On the other hand we have a lot of customers that choose to use what we call simple intake, where you are not actually displaying those categories to your employees during intake. Some customers have chosen to update their landing page with messaging/verbiage indicating that the helpline is an appropriate place for employees to report issues and concerns related to the coronavirus. Of course, doing any proactive communications to direct them to the helpline are helpful as well. Lastly, you need to make sure the investigators are educated on that issue type on the backend so they can appropriately apply it when people are submitting things related to covid. The appropriate categorization on the backend is key to having those metrics and allowing you to look in and develop your response.


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